Spring-loaded pick-up tool

What's the point
of this toolset?

The utility of this toolset is a function of its qualities of fabrication, including materials, design, precision and crafts(wo)menship.

Tools are essential to creation. Tools extend our senses, multiply our efforts and record our thoughts. The right tool for the job is one that is transparent to the task. A poorly made tool is a handicap to performance and can be worse than no tool at all.

If the tools in this toolset appear to have the potential to perform tasks understood to be appropriate for them, they are misrepresentative and dangerous. Certain qualities of fabrication are lacking to such an extent that the tools are unable to perform all but the simplest of tasks. Unfortunately, positive aspects of the tools are overwhelmed by the negative effects of a few important qualities.

What's the point? 1. Suitability 2. Materials
3. Whimsy 4. Precision 5. Crafts(wo)menship
6. Application 7. Design 8. Technique