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What's Up Doc?

Mobile targets professional office environments, homes; expresses collaboration, connections and relationships

(Palo Alto, CA -- December 1999) Fab 7 Designs announces The Upwardly Mobile(TM), the first kinetic sculpture designed to add dimension and motion to professional office environments. The mobile features figures which mingle under modest air currents. The interaction of the figures expresses collaboration, connections and relationships.

The offices of doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, designers, HR professionals, managers, consultants and others are personal and professional expressions. The mobile was designed to enhance these unique environments. The mobile expresses activities that enrich everyones lives.

"I just hung it in my office. WOW!!! Everyone comes in to talk about it. People find it stimulating and fun," said Sandra Huie, an HR professional at MasterTeam.

Clients sitting in a professional office may interact with newspapers and magazines, but waiting passively and staring at a wall or ceiling, there is usually little more than flat, static wall-covering and framed artwork to look at.

"I found myself staring up while I was having my teeth cleaned," said Peter Lonsky, President of Fab 7 Designs and the mobile's designer, "and I wondered why there was nothing to look at on the ceiling of my dentist's office. I felt that the offices and homes of professionals could benefit from interactive artwork."

The mobile is made in the U.S. of high-quality materials. It is compact and lightweight and comes with a custom hanger that allows it to be easily suspended from the ceiling at an appropriate height.

The mobile is sold directly by Fab 7 Designs ( and through distribution partners. The mobile is sold for $24.

"The Internet is making connections and relationships more intangible. The Upwardly Mobile is a tangible reminder of the human components of these activities," said Lonsky.

"The web allows us to build and maintain a relationship with our customers. The point-of-experience of our mobile is anywhere -- on display at a coffee shop, an office or home. The the point-of-sale of our mobile is everywhere -- via our distribution partners and our website (the URL is embossed on the hanger of each mobile)."

"The connections we make are supported by our commitment to provide a quality product designed with a superior end-user experience in mind."

Fab 7 Designs was established in 1993 to provide an alternative to self-indulgent design. Leveraging its competencies in web, literature, product and packaging design, the company introduces its first product.

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