New Mobile Will Keep You Company

Feel isolated in your home office? Want some people interaction during those long hours on the computer?

Thanks to Peter Lonsky of Palo Alto, you can simply look up and find relief with the "Upwardly Mobile" mobile, left. Six human silhouettes attached to translucent geometric shapes will engage you in their dangling conversation.

"Many mobiles are very abstract. The idea is to see objects in space," Lonsky says. "But this also offers an interaction -- people mingling."

Lonsky studied computer science and English, but has always been "a tinkerer, designer, inventor." He created his first handmade mobile for a friend 10 years ago, and his ideas evolved into the injection-molded plastic "Upwardly Mobile."

"The design works well in many environments -- the appeal is the meaning behind the mobile," Lonsky says.

"In a home office environment, it could have the collaborative sense. In a home, it could be placed in a living room or kitchen. If it's in a dorm room or bedroom, they might see more of the relationship aspect. I leave the interpretation up to the user."

The Upwardly Mobile costs $24, including shipping and tax. It can be ordered by calling (650) 462-9745 or visiting the Web site