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Website Design
by Peter Lonsky

Technology is the conduit for communication via the web. Good web design considers the benefits and constraints of web technology. I am expert in:

  • user interface
  • LAMP, HTML and scripting
  • database integration
  • images, icons and message
Palo Alto Little League

This is a concept to implementation redesign. I instigated this project at the Board level. I designed the navigation based on evaluation of the previous website and other Little League websites. The image was captured during an actual game. I created online registration for players and sponsors. The polished look-and-feel of the site is a major contributing factor in registrants' willingness to complete registration online. Sponsors are incented by banner advertising on site.
Daffy Dave

This is concept to implementation work I provided for an entreprenuer. I defined the look-and-feel and functionality of this website with minimal direction based on my assimilation of his business needs. This site has been very successful for the client. It reaches prospective customers for his shows and products. I suggested and implemented a "Fan Club" feature that allows interested families to sign-up to receive a fan club card and outbound e-mail notification of special offers and events. The site contains samples of music from his CDs.

Allied Brokers

Another example of concept to implementation work. I designed a simple and clean interface that supports ease of use and satisfies the client's desire for "strong" visuals. I assimilated information provided by interviews, raw insurance documents and brochures to create the content of the site. I photographed the house and car images used on the home page.
Helmings Auto Repair

Within a very limited budget, I created this site for a local auto repair shop. I studied shop manuals and parts catalogs for visuals that portrayed troubleshooting and technical expertise. The site incorporates "jump pages" linked to and from the home page that increase the prominence of keywords to give the site visibility within search engine rankings.
C.A. Marvin Distributors

I processed all of the visuals and created the drop-down menus and e-commerce capability of this site. Writing cross-browser compatible JavaScript, I pre-load the drop-down menus in layers. The menus are built from stacked images with each choice having a unique target. With the help of middleware on the web server, I created dynamically-built pages that access a database for product information. The ordering process is handled by a shopping cart and multiple forms.
Fab 7 Designs

This work-in-progress website showcases my varied approaches to interface and information design, icons and animated images. My hand-coded JavaScript creates the QuikNav functionality on the home page. Custom PERL scripts support the Biography Builder functionality for The Upwardly Mobile(TM). I have company products and services presented on frames-based and table-based pages. My products can be ordered via secure order forms. I have original images and ideas posted in an Opinions section.

MediaQ Incorporated

This is concept to implementation work I provided for a corporate client. Through meetings and comps, I identified the clients' preferences for graphics, layout and color-palette. I determined the appropriate categories and navigation based upon the site information. I created all of the visuals, dynamic buttons and animation along with custom forms and PERL scripts to collect and process survey data from visitors interested in password-protected technical documentation provided on the site. The frames-based subpages allow the body content to scroll without moving the navigation and company identity out of the browser window.

Open the Door, Inc.
RCM Enterprises
Willow Trees Psychological Svcs