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Website Programming and Design
by Peter Lonsky

Technology is the conduit for communication via the web. I've implemented numerous sites from concept to code. I've been programmer, project manager, designer and customer support – promoting effective collaboration. I've configured and maintain servers for websites and email. Good web design considers usability, scope and the landscape of web technology. I am expert in:

  • user interface
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • database integration
  • images, icons and message
  • developing and improving skills

Palo Alto Little League

In 2004, I began by implementing processes to register players and sponsors online and make the coordination of players and teams easier. The site is currently a suite of tools that collect and query data to serve other participant and Board member processes as well. The site tools are being adopted by other leagues. The uncluttered template supports a simple hierarchy of information. Tools and information are addressed as subdomains to increase accessibility. Team names incorporating sponsor names and rotating home page sponsor displays provide incentives for sponsors. The site continues to be a collection of advanced formatting and scripting techniques that collect and manage records of families, players, teams, payments and others, with new features identified and developed.

EDA Direct

This is my second redesign for the client. The client's needs changed as his sales organization changed. The site is a sophisticated client-managed site with mechanisms for customer event registration and password access to a video library. The hits on the site are monitored. Animated display, jQuery slider and RSS feed on home page give the page immediacy and freshness. Site administration interface provides protected content editing tools for events, videos and home page content. The site is high-concept and high-code, the coding was higher proportionally due to time simplifying site visitor registration/management and concentrating on portable/scalable processes and routines.

Fiber Internet Center (Internal)

This is the latest iteration of an internal client and circuit management dashboard I created for the client. The project started years before as a simple site designed in-house to manage customers. The database and web server are running on a password-protected intranet. I developed an e-mail constructor that allows them to target customers and prospects with a templated message. Form interactions use jQuery and JSON to update the database and change menus using AJAX. The database schema was changed and streamlined, resulting in more flexible access to data. A customer invoicing tool generates and e-mails PDF documents, merging information from database with the electronic invoice.

An original concept to build collaborative tools for virtual teams. The site dashboard is driven by AJAX to allow projects and tasks to be created in a database. Time-tracking of tasks is managed through an interface to start and stop recording of time spent. Notes are added to document the time, appearing on an invoice that is generated from selected actions. Tasks and services can also be added to invoices. Invoices are accessible by clients and can be paid via PayPal. AQUA is a virtual water cooler, a request, idea and information-sharing platform for members, with a smartphone-formatted interface available. The site makes extensive use of jQuery for dynamic actions and information exchange.

Fab 7 Designs

This site is my workbench. There are some experiments here. It's been an in-progress site for over 10 years. The home page features a javascript-powered quick view and navigation. This was a complex javascript I wrote when I was learning about page objects and triggers. The code is still valid today. Other explorations include image maps and animations. An outgrowth of my quest for an effective virtual team work environment, as seen in About Us and as I describe in the PDF brochure at the site, I'm currently developing a site to provide contributor/collaborator tools for nodes of a professional network (see "").

FGY Architects

I started maintaining this site soon after it was developed and launched. I was recommended to the client. I've modified the PHP source code to makes changes in content, formatting and navigation. The process required learning file structure, script logic, style sheets and includes to correctly change the code. This process becomes easier for subsequent updates and there are lessons to be learned in evaluating the solution of another programmer. I encounter programming choices and must adapt my solution to the existing code or offer the best approximation of desired functionality within the given framework.

J.C. Builders

This is a concept to implementation redesign. The original site had no dominant direction or theme to consider. Portfolio items are prominent for a visitor to assess the contractor quality and building styles. Image proportions and pixel dimensions became important determinants of final sizes of page elements. Each page has dynamic list of displayed images. Sorting and display via filename convention simplifies configuration. Color palette chosen to complement the portfolio images. Fixed width and height requires scrolling feature (with mouse click or mousewheel) for content longer than content pane. The javascript on this site uses a mousewheel initialization routine from source code shared on the net.

K.S. Construction

I was referred to this builder by the General Contractor shown previously. The builder realized he needed a website, but he didn't have much content. No logo existed so I created it. I gave the client direction to mine competitor sites for ideas. The challenge was to avoid visual clichés that made the site similar to every other competitor. Blueprints are a strong association with building and they have a wide variety of visual texture. The client wanted a subdued site which focused on capabilities. Construction tools shown large on secondary pages focus on a necessary part of building that is often overlooked. This is the level of getting the job done. A simple idea to drive the simple solution of choosing the builder.

Blythe's Basketball

This is an original site developed for basketball player registration, team information and promotional content, including videos. Registration form and database were developed for the project based on analysis of existing process and other providers. The header visual conveys a strong basketball connection. The simple template is flexible and accessible. Registrations are managed via administrator functionality. Client provided minimal direction.

Daffy Dave

One of my first clients, Dave continues to rely on his website to connect him with his clients for live performances or his media (songs, videos). The Fan Club is a guest book that captures a parent e-mail and child name. If they choose to, fans can have their first names and last initials listed in a daily birthday list on the site. Administrator pages enable posting public appearances and managing fan club sign-ups. The site has received kudos from visitors for the simple, colorful design that has only been modestly tweaked in over ten years. I've also collaborated with Dave on video projects. I began working with him when my children were among the ages of his target audience. Brainstorming ideas for children's fun and games was always a refreshing exercise.

Lauren & Gracia Jewelry

This is the implementation of a designer's Photoshop source. The site contains pages with scrollable content controlled by mouse action. The site contains contact and wholesale account forms. Submissions are e-mailed to client and logged on the web server. Wholesale pricing pages are login-protected. A challenge was implementing a background image that floated with the centered page.

True Salon

This is an implementation for a designer I've worked with repeatedly. The designer had sophisticated presentation needs that raised the bar of my experience, including MOBILE DISPLAY for iPhone. The site uses a jQuery scroll slider that allows a custom look to be applied to the system default scroll appearance. This allows the scroll to be kept as a Javascript event and satisfied the condition of eliminating Flash on the site. The text uses advanced CSS formatting to allow font smoothing in browsers that support the new tags. The build strengthened my flexible development mode of experimenting with new solutions for new technologies and relying on web experts and resources to provide clues and answers to implementation questions.

Beth Longwell Foundation

The client had written content and a clear concept of the purpose of the site. I developed the design and layout from scratch to accommodate the logo. The final design was achieved by iterations of changes to my work, determined through dialog with the client. I manage periodic updates to grant registration and fundraising event information. A web form for donors links to PayPal for payment processing. Administrator functionality enables management of stored donor data.

M Duffy Group

I implemented this template provided as Photoshop source. The template provided layout for navigation and headers. Content formatting was not specified. Content was provided as formatted text and required constructing a series of CSS definitions to display it with the intended highlighting and emphasis. I installed and customized a WordPress site allowing the client to post a blog. The simple WordPress template incorporates the graphic from the main site. An RSS feed on the home page of the main site provides the titles of the most recent blog articles.

The Flag Foundation

I was asked to code this project that another designer had done pro bono. I've received paying projects with the help of the designer, so I considered some unpaid work would be a form of payback. The project gave me more experience in the nature of non-profits. I built the template with customization tools that allow the client to manage the site data, including an event calendar. Since the site launched, the client has maintained her site with minimal support.

Friends of the Poor: Tamahu Guatemala

This site is a thoughtful redesign of a prior version of the site. A designer provided the concept, including Photoshop source. I processed the images, created navigation rollover events and created a home page slideshow, with fades between full-frame images. Image maps were applied to the images of text to add links to words and graphics. The Flash videos on the site are playing in a Flowplayer skin customized by the client. Contact page includes background image that required precise placement and matching of backgrounds added to input fields.

Other Sites

Links to other sites that I've developed:

Brilliant Harvest
Created template and menu action from static design provided. Continue to modify site content and functions as needs warrant.

Ex3 Solutions
A friend collaboration with another site specified as the template. Pages, stylesheets and scripts were built from scratch.

Swanky Fork
This is a quick reference and landing page for links from social sites, etc. A video provokes interest. Coupon form submissions build mailing list.

Blue Collar Man
See the collaboration with my brother that produced this working man's anthem and video.