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The following portfolios are made available for graphic artists associated with Fab 7 Designs. Fab 7 Designs is a cooperative agency. Designers work better working where and how they want. Fab 7 Designs provides a hub that is the interface between you and your designer or client. With a 24x7 web server, e-mail and website development and administration, you can deliver your ideas and comps via the most efficient and effective medium. And, better yet, your "office" is where you make it. Take your laptop and a modem and go. . .

You will see contact information on the portfolios to contact designers directly, however, you or the designer may prefer to use the resources of Fab 7 Designs to facilitate electronic communication, scheduling and billing along with quality control throughout the project. Fab 7 Designs is also associated with graphic artists that are not listed below.

Peter Lonsky

Rafael DeSoto

Megan Frost

Craig Marvin

Beth Marx

Aylin Uysal

More to come. . .

To work with Fab 7 Designs or to become listed on this site (as a link to your website or hosted on this website), contact us at We will link or host your site for no charge.